Friday, August 26, 2016

Construction Update

The rain continues to fall in large amounts including another 0.7 inches last night.  We have now recorded 7.7 inches of rain in the last two weeks.  Based on Environment Canada averages, this is 2-3 months worth of rain.  The wet weather has created a number of problems for us and it really highlights the fact that the course plays much better when I can control the water.  It is much easier to add water than to take it away.

The biggest issue with regards to the course is green speed.  While the rain makes for really vibrant green grass, it also makes for soft conditions and slow green speed.  There are also more un-repaired ball marks then I've seen in a long time.  Please take the time to repair your ball mark and one will really help!  As I've mentioned before, I really can't push for green speed when the conditions are soft without risking mechanical damage to the putting surfaces.  The rain will eventually stop and the green speed will get back to normal.  It's been a year of extremes in weather and we have been conservative with our practices.  Slow greens are better than damaged greens in the long run.  The following link is to an article from the USGA Green Section that sums up my thinking nicely:

The other issue we are dealing with is of course cart path construction.  We have had paving scheduled several times only to have to cancel because it is too wet.  The latest update is that we are scheduled to pave on Monday August 29th. The contractor will be in on Sunday to touch up the paths so they are ready for paving.  Yes, I have seen the forecast for 70% chance of thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon but I am trying to ignore it! Curbing will happen about a week after paving and then we can finally be done with this project.  Thank you for your continued patience.

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